Morgahna Godwin
Founder of Benson Press & Founder of Manage Endo


2019 TEDx Speaker: “How Chronic Illness Set Me Free”
2019 National Science & Technology Centre Feature on Enterprising Australians: Morgahna Godwin
2019 Courier Mail 2019 Top 20 Entrepreneurs Under 40 in Queensland
2019 Questacon Invention Convention Speaker “Solving For Our Own Problems First”
2019 Startup Catalyst Female Founder Mission to London Advance Queensland Recipient
2019 SheStarts Accelerator Bootcamp Participant
2019 Meeting with Governor of Queensland to talk about Manage Endo and Endometriosis.
2018 State Minister for Innovation The Honourable Kate Jones endorsed Manage Endo
2018 1st Place Startup Hardware Weekend Brisbane
2018 Foundation for Young Australians Innovation Nation Recipient
2018 1st Place Startup Weekend Bundaberg
2018 Built App to Manage Endometriosis - Manage Endo
2017 Featured in ADOBE Illustrator Gallery
2016 Discovery Channel Adventure finalist.
2016 New Zealand Social Media Awards Finalist (for Evita, The Musical)
2016 Featured in Behance Graphic Design Gallery.
2016 Featured in Behance Global Gallery
2015 Finalist in New Zealand Best Design Awards
2015 Personal Project: Voter Activation Design featuring Jacinda Ardern (now Prime Minister of New Zealand)
2015 Featured in Adobe Graphic Design Global Gallery

I grew up in a place called Athenree. It's a small sea-side town on the East Coast of the North Island in New Zealand. It's really pretty there.

This is the Gorge that leads into Athenree. Just beyond those hills is the ocean.

This is the Gorge that leads into Athenree. Just beyond those hills is the ocean.

After high school I went to university in a place called Hamilton. At university I studied micro-economics and marketing. This was incredibly boring; however, the university I attended had one of the best collections of art history books. Each day, after nauseating lectures about the allocation of scare resources, I would go to the library and read about Existentialism, Wordsworth, Studio54, and the New York art scene. 

The first photograph I ever took that meant anything was of    Bill Cunningham    at NYFW.

The first photograph I ever took that meant anything was of Bill Cunningham at NYFW.

Fast forward 3 years and I decided, at 20 years old, to move to New York City. I had no idea how much this city would kick my ass. I began working heavily in fashion and fashion publishing. I combined my knowledge of art history, writing, and marketing to gain an internship with the then Photo Director of ELLE Magazine (US).

While I was in New York I learnt as much as I could about the arts and its collision with the business sector. By the time I left New York I had started a little fashion magazine about my friends called Pearl & Hammer.

I came home to New Zealand in 2013 and began to build my craft within the graphic design discipline. It wasn't long before I found myself in Melbourne Australia learning from some of the best designers in the Southern Hemisphere.

I later went on to build my own graphic design & publishing studio ‘Benson Press’ and now reside in Bundaberg Australia. While living in Bundaberg I taught myself to code and built an app ‘Manage Endo’ to manage the health condition ‘Endometriosis’. Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 in 10 Australian and New Zealand females. More broadly, that’s 176 million females worldwide. I am one of those females. In August 2019 Manage Endo was acquired by QENDO (Endometriosis Association of Queensland Inc). To be continued.