1. Notes on vetting your designer. 

Behance is the current world standard for vetting your graphic designer, photographer, videographer etc.

Do they have a following? Has their work been featured in Behance galleries? (not essential). Does their style of work align with what your business? 

Behance is a global creative network that features the best design work in the world. Behance is owned by Adobe

+ other social

Do they have a website that has projects on it YOU like? If not, move on. Don't settle for an agency or freelancer that doesn't have work you like. 

Instagram is a great vehicle for vetting graphic designers & particularly photographers. Do they post work you like? Make a clinical judgement. Does it align with the outcomes you hope for out of your business? 


Look Around You

The Loop is an Australian built creative network. On the Loop you can contact creatives and ask for their services. 


Who has great branding in town? Who did it? There are great brands coming out of Bundaberg at present. 

Water Street Kitchen have nice branding. 
EXP Coffee have nice branding. 
The Fields have nice branding. 
Find out who did their branding. Ask for quotes. Ask for proposals.

2. Ask for a Proposal.

Your proposal should include a detailed outline of deliverables (files you will receive and printed material), a moodboard, a costing, and a detailed timeline.

Code With Grace

Code with Grace is a Bundaberg based initiative to give women digital skills for an ever evolving job market.
In 5 years it is predicted that the job market is going to shift dramatically toward automation and systems management.
It is imperative that we are ahead of the curve. 

Empowering Women Through Code