Code With Grace

The world is changing and we need versatile digital skill sets to compete in an ever changing job market. Our vision is for every woman in the world to have a digital skill set that gives them the knowledge, power, and autonomy to steer their own ship.

Code with Grace combines the skill sets of myself, Leslee Ryan, and Nic Ryan. Both Leslee and Nic have had extensive experience working in healthcare, finance, data science, and start-up industries. We are all self taught in code and it has allowed us all to live happy and balanced lifestyles. Our aim is to give back by teaching women to code, at no cost but their time, so they too have the opportunity to experience the same freedoms. 

Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992) was a pioneer in the field of computer science. She wrote the first compiler and worked on the development of the COBOL language. Code with Grace draws inspiration from Grace Hopper's ambitious career and tenacious personality.